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At Veranda, we partner with filmmakers and Producers of premium feature films and television entertainment to distribute their content across a wealth of digital channels, platforms and  revenue streams include mobile, portable, and internet connected television. 

What We Do

Our expertise spans advertising, transactional  (rental and EST) and subscription-based models. We draw upon direct relationships with digital platforms and traditional media companies to maximize revenue and give advertisers the chance to associate their brands on premium content to large targeted audiences

Our Focus

Our main focus is General Market Television and Spanish Language Film & Television content along with a few other niche markets. We realized early that doing a niche well was better than being a "Swiss Army Knife" of digital distribution.  We're happy to speak about other opportunities

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How We Work


We carefully receive and transcode your content. Tape or digital file (preferred). We'll look for potential problems as we've seen them all. If it does not look right, we'll ask questions. The final file will be available on our secure servers for future distribution opportunities.


We will set a plan and calendar for the launch on the different platforms. At the same time we will help manage your copyright and protect against piracy.


It's not always "build it and they will come." We will work with the platforms to promote within their site.